Trying my hand.

So after reading perhaps hundreds of books, I've decided I'm going to try my hand at writing one, lol. yeah yeah I know, a book is hard work, it's not something just anyone can do, it takes a lot of patience and dedication, and you have to want it. well guys, i do. i want it, right now at least, and I hope I still want it in my future, I mean, I know I will, I have wanted to write a book for a long long time, but never had the time, or patience, or whatever it was I needed at the moment, something was always lacking, well now I've got it, I've got a story in my head, and I got my storyline done, I'm already working on the book, as we speak, well not as we speak because we aren't exactly talking, and well, I'm not on the book, I'm actually blogging, but i wanted to tell someone, because I'm supper excited :). anyway, my husband is being super supportive, go figure that out, lol. and I'm happy right now, wish me luck

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  1. girl it sounds great so far! from what you explained to us it's gonna be a best seller!