Reading and Writing.

So I have went back to reading, I'm not giving up on my writing, and I haven't come to a writers block already, I just haven't been writing. I still have a million ideas in my head, but I love to read so much that writing seems to interfere with that. Plus I have so much going on now days that I just prefer to get lost in someone else's story world than my own, so I don't really have to think about everything else. Its not bad things so much as stressful times, the move coming up faster and faster, going out into the civilian world. I have lived within the walls of the Military, being both a soldier and a spouse, for 10 years now. I will readily admit, I'm scared. The summer is coming, which means Hay will be out of school and home all day long, I love both my children with all my heart, but I am lacking in the patience department. And with all the other added stress, I'm not expecting this to be the best summer, plus we are still in Louisiana, I hate this miserable heat. If it weren't for Christy I'd have gone off the deep end by now (if you were to ask my hubby, I already have gone off the deep end, years ago, lol. ) Oh well, this is life, you take the hand they give you and you bluff you're way through it. :)

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