Sit down for a moment and think to yourself, ' what is your ultimate goal?'. Now imagine you could actually achieve it. In all honesty it's not likly you will. Not being pessimistic, just realistic. We live in a world that is set on destroying your dreams. Misery loves company, and everyone is miserable. Well not neccessarily everyone, there are those select few out there who understand things in the world better than others. Instead of being taken for a ride and being drug down into the cesspool of humanity, they are the conductors and are prepared to give just about anyone a ride who want to get on their insanity train.

Now I'm not saying I'm a conductor, I have yet to fully Master the language of manipulation, and the other slimy ways that go along with it, but I am well on my way. And I am one that it would take many of you awhile to catch up to. Calculating and precise. I have plans, and back up plans. but nothing is fool proof after all we are just humans. -sigh-

I have been thinking lately of all the things I have done in my past, all the things done to me. All the people that have helped me become who I am. Everything is perfect, exactly as it should be. One day we will be where we should, and I am glad to be where I was. I should be sad for the ones in my past who have done me wrong, but I'm not. They will get exactly what they deserve, one way or another. I would love to watch, but I'm sure I won't be there for each and everyone, oh well.

I'd love to say that one day I will be Great, and one day I will rise high, but I know that will never happen. That is one thing you should always know about yourself. Know your limitations. I will never declare myself a 'God' or otherwise.... but hey I'd make one hell of a personal assistant ;)


  1. My goal is to get an Hermes Birkin bag.... that's going to take a while.. wish me luck!

  2. lol, good luck!!! My goal is a beachside seat and a martini glass!!