TV is back... sort of.. part- time

Ok so I am in love with the series True Blood, ha ha, who can't be? Well I know of a few ppl who wouldn't be, but they are total losers, ha ha, no offense intended. But yeah I mean it has Vampires, Mind readers, shape shifters, murderers/ serial killers, werewolves, and anything else paranormal you can ask for. It's also got lots of steamy sex, and confusing drama after drama situations. Immature retards, that honestly can only exist in Louisiana, and some deep stuff, like soul searching type stuff, that the one real gay man in the show always seems to come up with. I absolutely am addicted to True Blood, lol. I love it. The cool difference between these vamps and the ones in Twilight, these guys get to sleep :) No offence, but if I was gonna be alive for like FOREVER I would definitely want to sleep, I mean hello, there is definitely not enough stuff in the entire world to cover every minute of everyday if you can never sleep, plus I LIKE my sleep. ha ha. But that's just all metaphorically speaking cuz I'm definitely human, and vamps don't really exist, unless you count the government, cuz the can suck a person dry, lol


Back Again.

I finally get my computer back, even though I have actually had MY computer back for about two weeks now, only my husband confiscated it in order to play is video games after his computer crashed, ugh. But now he has his computer back so therefore I have mine back, what a glorious day. I finally got most of the things for the garage sale this weekend priced, well about half of it anyway :),  thanks ever so much to Christy and Brent. If it had not been for them, I probably would have never gotten out there and did any of it. I am an extremely lazy person. It has only been one week of summer vacation for my daughter Hay, but already I feel as if I'm going out of my mind!! This spending all day everyday with my kids is driving my bonkers. I give the utmost congrats to any stay at home mother/father, and and parent doing home schooling, this is a grueling profession, with little pay, little gratitude, and even less self fulfillment ( in my opinion ). So hats off and I tip my drink in your favor. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my children, they are the loves of my life, but sometimes I suppose I am selfish, and I enjoy some me time, without them, without my husband, without the dog or cat, or dishes and vacuum, just little ole me and the peace and quiet. The stay at home mom job is not in me, I can't wait to be back at work, back to reality, OUT of Louisiana, and into the real world. No offense intended to the ones who live here and enjoy this life, but it's for the birds, and I know plenty that agree with me. Anyhow enough about that. I will be going back to visit my Mama in a few weeks, very excited about that, I like going to see her, it makes me sad that we live so far apart and she only gets to see her grandchildren once or twice a year, it would be better for her to see them more, but it is better for her and my relationship that we stay farther apart, we love each other dearly, but our personalities are so alike yet differ in so many ways that us coinciding is next to impossible, trust me, we've tried it numerous times. so anyhow enough for now, I'm off to inspect my computer and see what damage my husband has inflicted upon it in the last few weeks :).